The Secret Book of Male God's Love in Quick Wear

The BUFF of BOSS is stacked to more than ten layers, and its damage will go against the sky! What's more, every time it reaches more than fifteen layers, so the damage of BOSS, even Luo Qingchen can't carry it.


The BUFF of BOSS is stacked to more than ten layers, and its damage will go against the sky! What's more, every time it reaches more than fifteen layers, so the damage of BOSS, even Luo Qingchen can't carry it. [Team] Flowing like water: Second team wet nurse, can you lie down (don't use the resurrection stone if you are dead)? Luo Qingchen knows that several of them are in YY (voice software), so there is only one reason why they still buckle words! The atmosphere in YY's room must have been so awkward that no one spoke! [Team] Xi Wan Sheng Ge: Well, I haven't been playing for a long time. Maybe I'm not very good at it. I'm giving you trouble! Luo Qingchen at the other end of the computer trembled all over, so directly facing the little white flower, she said that her stomach was rolling, okay? [Team] Childe Demon Year: It's all right, you lie down! This BOSS is invincible for some time in the middle, and it is more difficult for the wet nurse to brush blood and pull hatred in the middle. You just played. It's good. [Team] As a wet nurse, the amount of treatment is not as good as cutting into the streamer of the light system. I don't know where to play? Tear-the crowd gasped, this is a direct confrontation ah! Chapter 133 of the main text: The violent contract of the Great God of online games (11) [Team] Childe Demon Year: All right! Why do you say so much? Open BOSS! This sentence is undoubtedly to eat a reassuring pill for Xi Wan Sheng Ge, after all, Childe demon year in front of their own contract, or toward her. Sure enough,Coil Nail Making Machine, a beautiful person has capital. The next second, the T in the team went forward to open the BOSS. When the BOSS first round of skills was released, Xi Wan Sheng Ge did not escape and fell to the ground directly. However, because Xi Wan Sheng fell to the ground, there was no wet nurse in the second team, and several of them lost blood one after another. Luo Qingchen can only light and dark seconds cut,Coil nail machine, while playing output while giving themselves milk, during which he did not forget to open the upper right corner of the'copy of the second injury list '. Sure enough, she still ranked first with 40% of the team's second injuries. Ao- "BOSS a roar.". After the output of the second team all fell to the ground, the BUFF of BOSS has been superimposed to the tenth layer, and the main T is almost unable to carry it! Luo Qingchen frowned at the tip of his eyebrows, and after pressing the Samsung matchless big move, he hit several full storms, and the blood volume of BOSS was only one percent. Then in the next second, BOSS put a kill skill, in addition to the relatively thick blood of the wet nurse, the whole team fell to the ground. Luo Qingchen opened [Invincible Nirvana] in seconds, and quickly typed a few words on the keyboard with his fingertips. [Team] East Painting Dust Brocade: The Second Team of Flowing Years. She is brazenly and childe demon year provocation, after all, wire nail machine manufacturers ,wire nail making machine, a lying person is not qualified to argue with a person who is still standing to play BOSS. Childe Demon Year was extremely reluctant to put it in the second team, only to see Luo Qingchen [Invincible Nirvana] flash in seconds, pull away from BOSS, and then continuously hit BOSS with [Soul Beads], instantly explode, and take it away. The next second, before the captain points equipment, Luo Qingchen directly click out of the team. Great God cold breath play to incisively and vividly! "Ding Dong-" [Private Chat] Xi Wan Sheng Ge: Give trouble to the Great God of East Painting! Luo Qingchen on the other end of the computer snorted coldly and directly clicked on the deletion of his friends, without any face for Xi Wan's music. Now that you have torn your face, let's face it! To her surprise, an announcement appeared in the world in a short time. [System Announcement] The player's son, the demon year, used the forced dissolution of the contract in the land of the contract. From then on, he and the player will never see each other again, and the oath of the evening will never return. [Bugle] Childe Demon Year: I'm really blind! As soon as Luo Qingchen's eyes were cold, he snorted unconsciously and said to himself, "Oh, this is a good preemptive move!" [Bugle] Time Flows Like Water: People are doing, and the sky is watching. [World] Xi Wan Sheng Ge: You don't quarrel … … I am not good, fleeting sister I apologize to you, you do not misunderstand, childe just bring my copy. [Bugle] Childe Demon Year: Yes? Do you think I don't know the shady relationship between you and the East Painting Dust Brocade? Tut, this childe demon year directly put her name on the horn, is really going to do things ah! [Cross Clothes/Life Like Summer Flowers] East Painting Dust Brocade: Come on, Cross Clothes said. These system prefixes have completely distinguished the local tyrants from the poor! Childe demon year anyhow can go up a bugle, and the west Wan Sheng song can only install a small white flower in the world. She, on the other hand, went straight to the cross-service channel. The price of a horn in the mall is 10 yuan (10 RMB), and the price of a cross-service horn is 100 yuan (100 RMB), and it is never discounted. [World] Toffee: What's going on? Does the childe mean that Donghua robbed him of the contract? [World] Song in the Clouds: Obviously! It's just that what Xi Wan Sheng Ge said is a little interesting! Dare to be the'first beauty in full service 'that the childe hooked up with first? [Bugle] Childe Demon Year: @ Song in the Cloud, Go Away, It's None of Your Business! Text Chapter 134 Online Games God's Violent Contract (12) Add more for the fairies who recommend tickets ~ [World] Song in the Clouds: Ha ha ha, angry from embarrassment! Receive MMMMM of high-grade Longquan water. [Bugle] Flowing like water: Oh, do you really think I don't know who you do with every day these days? Where were you when I was standing in the street? Where were you when I was bored? Where were you when I was waiting for you to leave the battlefield? What are you doing with the first beauty in full service? Childe demon year, half a year time I did not sorry you what. As for who you want to be with, it's none of my business, but don't bring my friends. [Bugle] Childe Demon Year: Flowing like water, what is the strength of your friend? I don't know what kind of skittish person you are? [World] Xi Wan Sheng Ge: Sister Flowing Years, don't say that.. [Bugle] Childe Demon Year: Sheng Ge, you don't have to apologize to her. You're in the group. A minute later,Automatic nail machine, there were two announcements in the world. Article 1- [System Announcement] Boom! With a loud noise in the sky, Xi Wan Sheng Song officially changed its name to Weiai Childe, and from then on embarked on a brand-new journey of Yunchui. Article 2-.