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"yuan.." Are you tired? Do you want me to hammer for you? Stalking, I don't believe you don't do it. That's all A few minutes later, yuan stood up from the stool and said, "I'm hungry."


"yuan.." Are you tired? Do you want me to hammer for you? Stalking, I don't believe you don't do it. That's all A few minutes later, yuan stood up from the stool and said, "I'm hungry." Go to Sianhy and I'll buy a steak medium-well. Then go to the Blue Language Cafe, buy 6 cups of coffee, and go to XXX. Come back and beat my back. yuan raised the corners of his mouth and spat out this long string of words to me. I pour.. He really thought about what I would say. How to say.. Forget it. Who told me to ask him all this myself. Hit yourself in the foot by lifting a rock. I was the one who ran around and bought the things he ordered, and I was so tired that I was dehydrated. Tired for a day, even walking on the way to school, I have to be pointed at. What kind of evil do I do? I really want that piece of tape to seal the mouths of these saliva women. Look.. That's the girl who pesters the six princes all day. "So ugly, it is this ugly girl who haunts my beloved Prince Mingming. I also heard that he wants Prince Mingming to be her slave." Yes, yes, so is Prince Qian. ,。 What a man's wife, why should she want the modest prince to be her slave. Who is she? She's an ugly duckling. "Just.." Prince Xuanxuan and Prince Ye Ye are still so good to her. I don't know what she did to them. I hear he's still clinging to Prince yuan. "What..?"? It's shameless to pester Prince yuan yuan. Ten million watches will defile my Prince Chuan Chuan. Amen With these gossipy girls.. If I didn't bother, they wouldn't even know how they died. Back in the classroom, I still hear those comments. It's my life. All of a sudden became the public enemy of the whole school girls, but Sui is not much better. "Isn't this Xia Ying..?"? It's only been here for a few days and it's famous enough. Hearing such a cheap voice, I knew it was that Cheng Ruo, this girl is in a super bad mood today, and you dare to provoke me. You're dead. I stared angrily at the bitch in front of me. "Bang!" I slapped him down. You.. Xia Ying. You crazy woman.. How dare you hit me.. Last time, if it wasn't for Prince Xuanxuan and Prince Night, you would have died hundreds of times now. Shit, if it wasn't for my brother and Xuan. You should be the one I saw dead. Pa, pa,nail manufacturing machine, pa.. A burst of applause came from the crowd, and it was another girl. Thick red big wavy long hair draped over the shoulders, big eyes, a fairly long girl. But it's far worse than me! (Author: Khan.. Narcissistic shopping.. You are afraid that the people of the whole country don't know that you are a beauty. Qian Xia Ying: Go away, I am a beautiful girl. Author: Then you dress up as an ugly girl.. Contradiction Qian Xia Ying: You know P, go away … … Be careful that I ask someone to move your house. "Not bad.." Have 2 son, the courage is not small, Cheng Ruo's influence is not small. You dare to fight. I've never seen a girl on the market, hehe. Not bad looking.. However. His MD laugh is really disgusting. Fuck off Obviously, I'm getting impatient. Xia Ying, don't think that we dare not touch you with the support of Prince Xuan Xuan and Prince Ye Ye. You should be so rude to Miss Zhi Qing. Miss Zhi Qing.. This is not like the words from Cheng Ruo's mouth, wire nail machine manufacturers ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, oh, it seems that Miss Zhi Qing's background is not small. Interesting. Miss Zhi Qing? Miss P Qing.. If you have something to say, say it quickly. If you have something to say, put it quickly. I don't have so much prime time to play with you. Anger goes up one level. You Xia Ying, right. It's very arrogant. Don't worry, you won't stay in this school for long. You can't expect to survive in the South Wind generation. Finish saying.. This one named Zhi Qing patted his buttocks and left. Cheng Ruo is a smiling face. Class began and the crowd receded. I walked back to my seat. "Xia Ying, you are dead." Cheng Ruo walked around me and returned to his seat. How many times did she say this to me? She ignored her existence and waited for Miss Ben to ask her for money one day when she was free! The most important thing now is to sleep. Miss Ben needs to catch up on her sleep. Chapter 8 Chapter 8 "Ladies and gentlemen, the next class is swimming class, so everyone is ready to use things, the next class in the swimming pool together!" The bald teacher stood on the platform and said with a straight face that no one had me at this time, and my face had been completely distorted. How can you die and suddenly have swimming lessons? Before the swimming class is not self-study? As soon as I take a swimming lesson, the image I have worked so hard to create in the past month is not.. Get into the water.. The makeup must have been washed away! God, I don't want to end my ugly career so early. "Sui, I don't want to take swimming lessons. Can you help me ask for leave?" I looked at Sui pitifully. "Eh?"? Ying. Why not? Swimming lessons are fun, and it's rare to have a swimming lesson. My dear little Sui Sui, don't ask, should I tell her that I am afraid that my makeup will be washed away by water? It's not that I don't want to tell you, but I want to play more. Otherwise, there will be no such opportunity in the future. In fact, I'm afraid of water. I can't swim. I'm afraid of being laughed at when I go down. I'm not afraid of water, but I'm really a landlubber. Sui, forgive me for this little lie. Oh, well, hold on. I'll call in sick for you. Then you have to accompany me in the swimming pool. It's so boring to be alone. "恩恩 . Sui, you are so cute. "I hugged Sui.". 0…… In the swimming pool. 0 "Wow, look, look!"! Prince yuan yuan has a good figure. Do not know which nymphomaniac said, heard the sound, I can not help but look at the past! En, it seems to be really good! Dizzy, Chinatsu, are you crazy? They are nymphomaniacs. You are not a nymphomaniac. Why do you join in the fun! Pay attention to your image. If they see you, you won't be humiliated. Wow, wow, wow, Xuanxuan. Every night. Ming Ming. You have a good figure, too. A group of crazy women are crazy, I must ignore,Nail machine supplier, ignore these. But why didn't I find that Xuan and his brother had such a good figure? Look, it's modest and handsome. "A girl is staring at the so-called 6 princes with nosebleeds!"! I said it was true that the six men were so handsome and had such a good figure, but the problem was that they came out for people to see. 3shardware.com

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