Lan Yin Bi Yue + Fanwai 5

"Oh.." The banished immortal smiled, but no one could resist it? Lan Qibi closed her eyes and lay down again.


"Oh.." The banished immortal smiled, but no one could resist it? Lan Qibi closed her eyes and lay down again. The second aunt sent a red tassel, which was more beautiful than Dan Shao, and was good at dancing. Her singing and dancing were taught by the aunt herself, and she was already better than the blue. She danced the song "Playing with Mandarin Ducks" for the Second Childe, and Qi Shao knew what kind of dance it was. Li San smiled softly and raised his hand to stroke his temples, showing three points of regret in his charm. If the red tassel danced that dance, there had never been a man who could not be infatuated, but the second childe smiled as usual from beginning to end. Finally, he played an ancient song "Fire Phoenix" with the Yao Qin in the room. He only looked at the red tassel in the song, but that made the red tassel sink completely. Later, she told me that she didn't know how she got out of the room. She only knew that when she woke up, she was in front of her aunt. Then she held her aunt and cried loudly, asking why she couldn't dance "Fire Phoenix". You can't get this person's love in this life. At least you have to combine the harp and dance once, so that you won't regret it! "Fire Phoenix"? He actually knows the song. Lan Qi also sighed. Li San smiled. "My aunt was holding the red tassel at that moment. She was both amazed and unconvinced. She didn't believe that a man could not get drunk in this Li Fang Pavilion. So this time she let the four girls go together." Lan Qi raised his eyebrows when he heard this. Weakness is good at singing, and there are a hundred kinds of delicate and tender moods, and no man will not feel pity for them. Weakness is charming and charming, and it is sensitive and funny, and no one is not immersed in its laughter and intoxicated in its appearance. Huantai is good at playing the piano, and those who hear the song "Admiring the Green Silk" are passionate; Green mist is all-rounder, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, poetry, singing and dancing are all excellent,tube fitting manufacturer, and the charm is like orchid. The man admires them when he sees them. He thought that the two sons of the four beauties should be dazzled. But Li San suddenly clenched his fist and hit the bamboo couch bitterly. He looked at Lan Qi angrily. "It's all your fault. What kind of people did you bring? You even hooked the soul of the aunt's girl!" "What's the matter?" Lan Qi stretched out his hand and patted Li San on the face. "What did these two childs do to capture the soul of the beauty?" Li San pulled off the hand on his face, sent it to his mouth and bit it. Fortunately, Lan Qi reacted in time and escaped the disaster. In fact, the second childe did not do anything strange, when the four girls entered the room, he was writing, a piece of white paper hanging on the wall, holding Zihao, leisurely and leisurely writing,ball valve manufacturer, bright light white wall, green shirt alone, somehow, at that moment the four girls were full of charming thoughts all disappeared, just looking at the man, sleeve waving pen, dipping in ink freehand brushwork, obviously moving, but giving people a sense of quiet elegance. Quiet in slanting still take the imposing manner of free and easy flying, only a figure, have already let a person be overwhelmed. Li San looked at the edge of the window with a palpitation in his eyes, as if there was also the banished immortal in the green shirt. Lan Qi did not speak, with a faint smile on his face, looking at Li San. When he finished writing, he turned to face the four girls. How could his appearance not be amazing? When the four girls were stunned, he just smiled back, laid paper on the table, dipped it in smoke and ink, stainless steel needle valve ,pipe fittings manufacturer, and then looked up at each of them without saying anything. But at that moment, the four girls clearly knew what he meant in his eyes, so Huantai played the lute and sang by the strings. Shujiao heard the song and danced, holding the volume and reading.. Li San breathed a deep sigh of respect and pity. "My aunt has met so many men in her life. She is not a person who is proficient in civil and military arts, but when she saw that painting, she had to admire it.". The four of them are beautiful in appearance and different in charm, but the painting shows its charm without losing its appearance, and the style of brushwork is light and elegant, not stained with the spirit of the world of mortals. Four people in a foot of land are lifelike, and my aunt just looks at it, but she has the feeling of being personally on the scene. At this point, Li San paused slightly and then said, "When the four of them came back with the painting in their hands, Huan Tai, Shi Wei, and Shu Jiao said, 'At that moment, the harp, the song, and the dance were the most wonderful things in my life. I can't get them any more.' Qing Mei said, 'At that moment, I was singing around my ears and dancing in my eyes, but in my heart it was deep and quiet. The shadow of the lamp was clearly felt.' They said to my aunt, I don't want to see you again, and I'm sad to see you. "Sad to see." Lan Qi repeated slowly, shaking the hand of the jade fan and not moving. In the past, I only heard people's legends, but today I have seen them. "Li San moved the pot on the small table, poured a cup of tea, took a sip, and said," This person does not need words and actions, just the momentum and charm can capture the heart and soul, not a hundred years. " "Oh.." Lan Qi smiled softly, shook the jade fan again, and looked at Li San with her blue eyes. "Such a person's sister should also be happy. Why not try it personally?" "Ha ha." From three also smiled, raised the orchid slender finger flicked on the orchid seven forehead, "elder sister how I am so stupid?"? Do what you know you can't do. "Oh, what a pity." Lan Qi shook his head, "I thought my sister could find out her weakness, but it turned out to be the indestructible body of King Kong." "Actually.." Close to Lan Qi, "Qi Shao should try it in person. Aunt, I'm very curious about the immortal and the demon. I don't know whether the immortal crossed the demon or the demon bewitched the immortal." "Ha ha ha." Lan Qi laughed loudly. In the bottom of my heart, I remembered the nightmare and struggled for a while. How long are you going to stay with your aunt this time? Li San asked after drinking his tea. I'll leave tomorrow. I have business to do. Lan Qi said, "is there any news I asked you to inquire about?" Li San shook his head. "This is the first time you've asked your aunt about anything." "Is it?" Lan Qi closed the jade fan and smiled on his face. "I can't find out from Fangge. It seems that I really went to Dongli Island." Li San picked up one side of the willow eyebrows, eyes full, "that'Lan Yin Biyue 'in the end is what things, even you are so nervous?" "That." Blue seven hook lips a smile, blue eyes flashed the light, "is the most beautiful thing in the world, representing everything in the world!" "Hm?" Li San sneered, "representing everything in the world?" "Yes." Lan Qi's smile did not change. "If you think money is the most important thing in the world, then it represents money. If you think power is the most important thing, it represents power. If you think status is the Most important thing, it will make all the people in the world bow their heads and feet. If You think love is the heaviest,14 tube fitting, it will make men and women throw themselves into their arms.." "Ha ha." Li San laughed and shook his hair, like a flower in the wind, charming amorous feelings. "So what does it represent in the eyes of Qi Shao?" 。

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