Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

In the Hall of Spirits, seven beauties sat together in silence. After a while, Xingyue's elder sister said, "Sisters, since the seven younger sisters have taken a fancy to that guy, as sisters, they can help you."!


In the Hall of Spirits, seven beauties sat together in silence. After a while, Xingyue's elder sister said, "Sisters, since the seven younger sisters have taken a fancy to that guy, as sisters, they can help you."! Besides, this boy has a long way to go. If we have any difficulties in the future, we can let him help us. We have nothing to lose. If we rest for a few years, we will recover. The moon looked at her sister gratefully, and the other girl shouted, "Sister, what are you talking about?"! How can we hesitate whether to help or not! Seven younger sister vision how high ah, like the man, must also be good, we want to take advantage of this opportunity, knock something good? Alas, after so many years of having few desires, I can't think of anything I want. I'll have to think again. A few girls follow to say in succession: "Right, such good opportunity, want to think well." Listening to the words of these sisters, the tears of the stars and the moon could not help flowing down, this Nizi knew that the use of such a spell, the power of these sisters, but there is great damage, not a hundred years, is not restored to the original level. The stars and the moon thought to themselves, "If you cure this bad guy,14 needle valve, you must let this lady-killer do his best for the cause of our Eldar's freedom." This word, this Nizi also did not say at this time. Tianyu stayed at home for three days and had nothing to do. On the first day, he just accompanied Xinran to walk around the street and eat something. For the next two days, he spent most of his time sitting leisurely under the tree, in a daze. Xinran this witch, as expected has its unique charm, a body of precipitation to Tianyu this group of little girls in a daze, all day around Xinran, listening to this witch story, Tianyu is puzzled, such as smoke,stainless steel tube fitting, poetry, and so on Nizi's favorite is actually, he was beaten up by Xinran. However, what makes Tianyu feel comfortable is that Xinran is very clever to show her heroic and unyielding spirit in front of the girls again. Tianyu thought to himself: "This is probably the reason why girls love to listen to it!" " On the third day, Tianyu said goodbye to the girls and once again came to his home on Zola Star. After sitting on the sofa and drinking happily for about half an hour, the girl appeared. Although the skill has regressed a lot, but because the speed of drinking is extremely slow, Tianyu is only a little drunk at this time. Xingyue frowned and said, "What are you doing?"? At this time, I'm still in the mood to drink. Tianyu said with a smile: "a person waiting, there is nothing to do, take wine to pass the time, Xingyue, your sisters, how to say?"? Have you agreed? "The stars and the moon answered," They all say that you can't be spared like this. Come here! " Tianyu answered very obediently, shaking his body and walking towards the stars and the moon. Chapter 515 rebirth. Xingyue looked at Tianyu's lazy appearance and became more and more angry. I couldn't help thinking: "Why should I do my best to help this bad guy, but also let my sisters lose their power and not save this lady-killer?" Tianyu looked at Xingyue and clenched his teeth. He stared at himself angrily and said doubtfully, "Sister Xingyue, hydraulic fitting supplier ,brass tube fitting, why do you have this expression?"! Does this bother your sisters? If that's the case, forget it. I'll take care of it myself. It won't kill you. Take a rest for a while, and you'll get better naturally. Hearing what Tianyu said, Xingyue's face was a little gentle and she said, "How long will it take?" Tianyu held his finger, thought about it, and said, "I don't know. It usually takes thousands of years."! Xingyue, are you free recently? I want to take you to my planet. How about it? Are you interested? The stars and the moon did not seem to agree with Tianyu's suggestion. They said lightly, "I can't wait for thousands of years. If you are afraid, you can not go with me. You decide!" With Tianyu's long experience, how can this little girl's mind not be known. Two meters away from Xingyue, he stopped, sighed lightly and said, "Thank you, Xingyue. In fact, I am not looking forward to restoring my original strength. Now I am like this, and I am much stronger than ordinary people. This is good. My ability is not enough, and I will not be ambitious enough to do something big.". Xingyue, to be honest, my injury is extremely serious, it is possible that you can not help me or anything, before those words, some of them are jokes, I hope you think I am nonsense. However, I want to say that I really like you, of course, mainly because you are extremely beautiful. However, in my present situation, I am probably not qualified. Continue to pursue you, the power is weak, that is not very good. Xingyue listened to Tianyu at the beginning, as if it was very formal, but in the end, it was the same as usual. Nonsense, even if Tianyu nonsense, Xingyue felt his face, but also a little red up. Calm down. The stars and the moon said lightly, "So to say.". You're afraid. Tianyu immediately waved his hand and said, "How can I be afraid?"? I said the stars and the moon. Are you so sure that you and your sisters can heal me? The stars and the moon step back slowly, this distance, this Nizi felt a little close, said: "I just try to cure you, I can start.". Can you give me a message! If it doesn't work, you're lucky. Tianyu pondered for a whole minute before he nodded and said, "That young man will thank you first, no matter how well he is treated.". If I can't cure it, if I have the ability, I will protect the Eldar from anyone, anyone! When he said this, Tianyu looked so righteous that he let Xingyue, the girl, lose her mind for as much as eight seconds. At this time, Xingyue said in her heart, "This man is not entirely a bad person. For the sake of his own people, he has no choice but to help." The Eldar aircraft, though extremely advanced, took an hour to reach the Eldar home planet. In this hour, to the surprise of Xingyue, the lady-killer quietly closed his eyes and sat without saying a word, as if he was resting with his eyes closed, while Tianyu was really resting with his eyes closed. Anyway,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, like now, what he said, he could not see the girl's good face.