My dad says he's a God.

Death two greedily looked at his wife, he wanted to use his endless life for her life, but he could not put his heart down, she was so kind, so simple, casually can deceive her, how can he rest assured that she walked alone in this world?


Death two greedily looked at his wife, he wanted to use his endless life for her life, but he could not put his heart down, she was so kind, so simple, casually can deceive her, how can he rest assured that she walked alone in this world? He just wants to protect her and protect her for the rest of his life. Death No.2 opened his eyes, did not wait for Jin Shen's response, and quietly burned his life. She was wrong. He really loved her and wanted to protect her since she was a teenager until now. Jin Shen still stretched out his hand, and finally still did not erase the memory of Yue Taotao. Human beings are not as fragile as they think. They need to make their own choices. They need the truth more than being manipulated. When Jin Shen walked back, the porridge looked at the aunt who woke up crying and asked in a low voice, "Dad, Dad, I don't understand.." All this is beyond the ability of a child to accept. Jin Shen walked forward with the porridge in his arms. "No, she will be all right." Chapter 82 Death's house walks sideways. When porridge was carried back, she saw the remaining bad uncle, who was still looking at her, porridge was not afraid of him, her father was here. Dad, Dad,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, hit him! He's a bad uncle, too! But don't choke, and don't hit the head! Porridge whispered in his father's ear. Jin Shen looked at Zhou Hua on the other side. He looked very bad and looked at this side decadently. Jin Shen did not know what he was thinking, but he could not forgive him. Jin Shen withdrew his sight and gently educated his daughter. "If the bad guys surrender, they can't fight, otherwise it will lead to excessive defense." Since the last time he entered the police station, Jin Shen has seriously studied the laws of mankind. If he still wants to fight us, we can fight back,12 needle valve, but if he doesn't fight, we can't fight. Jin Shen said earnestly. Porridge suddenly remembered a very important thing: "Dad, Dad, Chengxiao brother!" " Porridge did not realize that after they had just walked over, the white-haired old man was Death No.2. Porridge knew that Chengxiao's brother's father was a bad person, and then ran away. Chengxiao's brother's mother was still crying, and her father wouldn't let her go. Porridge porridge thought of this event: "Dad, Dad, hold me in the past to find Chengxiao brother!"! I want to tell him about his mother. "How can I tell him about his father?"? The wound on her knee has not healed yet. She was able to stand up by herself without her father. Now that she has her father, she doesn't want to walk by herself. Jin Shen did not look at Zhou Hua's expression, holding porridge to Hu Chengxiao's side. Hu Chengxiao was still in a coma, and presumably Death II would not be willing to let his children witness all this. Jin Shen patted Hu Chengxiao on the face, and Hu Chengxiao slowly woke up. Porridge quickly said: "Chengxiao brother, Chengxiao brother, 38 tube fitting ,38 needle valve, your mother is crying on the other side, you go to find her quickly." But this time God also came over, Jin Shen said: "Dad, you take him to look for someone." Congee: "Dad, aren't we going?" We're not going. She needs to calm down. It's not good for ten thousand of us to go too much. The porridge seemed to understand. Although she wanted to comfort her aunt, the porridge felt that what her father said was reasonable. So she thought about it and hugged her father's arm. She sighed and said, "In that case, we should go home and change the dressing. They just got rid of the gauze on my face. I put it on myself, but I didn't put it on well." Jin Shen gave a hum and waited for his daughter to walk forward. God looked at his son who was really ready to go back to change the dressing for the porridge wound, and resigned himself to cleaning up his son's mess. Congee was sitting on a high stool. The nurse was rubbing medicine on her. Congee grinned and hissed. There was already a wound, but now the second wound, of course, hurt badly. Jin Shen could not help grinning, as if he could feel the pain. The porridge was still thinking about today, and after changing the medicine, he chirped to his father and said, "Dad, I think the two bad uncles may have eaten it.". ” "Hm?" "It's the kind of medicine on TV that will turn into a bad person after eating, and the eyes will turn red, and the body will emit black gas.." Jin Shen: "Maybe." Congee looked at his father and muttered, "Some of the big heroes on TV will become bad guys if they take this medicine, but in fact, we can't blame those heroes because it's the medicine's fault." When Jin Shen heard this, he probably figured out what his daughter really wanted to say. Congee said confidently: "Dad, so we can't tell Chengxiao brother that his father is a bad person, because it's the medicine's fault." Jin Shen touched his daughter's head. Of course, he knew that his daughter didn't want Hu Chengxiao to be unhappy. But in fact, Hu Chengxiao knew far more than she did. This did not affect Jin Shen to say to his daughter: "Don't say." Jin Shen is very tolerant in this respect, because porridge is actually not only Hu Chengxiao, but also the word "father". When God came back, it was already evening, and he did not bring Hu Chengxiao back, because Hu Chengxiao stayed with his mother. Congee thought about it and asked his father, "When can we go to see Chengxiao's brother and aunt?" "It will be all right after a while." However, after a long time, the bruises on porridge's face have disappeared, the scar can only see a small pit, the original shaved hair has grown out, is still light yellow curly hair, just to cover the pit, porridge probably saw more of his face bruised and red, but also wrapped in gauze, now look at yourself. Even if there is a small pit on his forehead, porridge feels a little bit beautiful. She returned to her first elementary school and was greeted by her former kindergarten friends. Everyone still remembers her, porridge porridge told everyone about his three years away from the experience,needle valve manufacturer, but also revealed the small pit on his forehead. There was a lot of blood here. Fortunately, my father took me to the hospital. At that time, she had already fallen and fainted. She only knew that she had lost a lot of blood. She didn't know that the teacher had carried her to the hospital.

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