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He lifted the brocade quilt on his body and got out of bed barefoot. He was dressed in plain white clothes, and his black hair hung down behind him at will and without any disorder.


He lifted the brocade quilt on his body and got out of bed barefoot. He was dressed in plain white clothes, and his black hair hung down behind him at will and without any disorder. The face of the evil spirit in the past was clear at the moment, but it was still beautiful and shocking. He took off the clothes on the screen and put them on himself, put on his shoes casually, pushed the door open and went out. Jane Bai, dressed in light blue, came in from the outside with a bowl of soup in her hand. Seeing Yi Che standing on the steps against the light, he was slightly stupefied and opened his mouth with a smile, "Yi Che, you finally woke up?" He also looked at the other side with a clear and light look, but did not speak. Do you know that you have been drunk for two days and one night, and I am almost exhausted to take care of me? Looking at Yi Che with a clear face, Jane Bai complained with a smile. Thank you Yi Che gave a low voice, very light. Jane Bai was slightly stupefied and looked at him in surprise. After a while, she quickly put the decoction in her hand on the ground, and then walked a few steps to Yichu. "Yichu, you're not bewitched, are you?" How could you speak to him so calmly?! He looked at the place along the line of Tianshui with his eyes pale and distant. After a long silence, he finally opened his mouth slowly, "Jane Bai, I saw Amo!" The sound is very light, so light that the overflow is blown away by the breeze in the air. Jane Bai's body stiffened in an instant, her eyes became more complicated, and she did not speak. How interesting Yi Che smiled in a low voice,Self-closing Shower Valve, which was light and charming, and very pleasant to listen to. There was a faint smile on her face, and her pale lips opened again. "I dreamed of her, not without a head, but as beautiful as before." "Cough." He covered his lips with a slight cough and spoke slowly again, his voice somewhat nostalgic. "Over the past few years, I have often been drunk, always thinking that I can dream of her, but only I know,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, I am afraid to dream of her, I am afraid to see her after she was beheaded." I do not know what to think of, also Che smiled again, the voice is very clear, "but I saw her yesterday, she is the same as before, very good-looking, like when I first met her." The voice is very light, with a little invisible joy. Jane Bai just looked at him quietly, with a very complicated look, but did not interrupt. She kept looking at me and smiling. It was really beautiful. White as jade face with a bit of soft meaning, slowly opened his mouth. The two men were silent for a long time, "Cough." It was not until a breeze blew that Yiche coughed again. It's windy outside. Let's go to the advanced room. Jane Bai advised each other. Yi Che shook his head, "I'll stand here for a while, and you can talk with me!" After saying that, he looked at Jane Bai seriously with a smile. What do you say? Jane Bai looked at Yi Che, smiled, stainless steel squatting pan ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, and asked. Yi Che Ning Mei seemed to think seriously for a while, and then his eyes brightened, "You tell me about Amo!" Jane's heart was sour, but she still looked at him with a smile. "Don't you know more about Purple Plume Ink than I do?"? Why do you want me to say? "But I want to hear it again. I'm tired of what I said!" Also clear white face with a faint smile, slowly opened his mouth. I'm tired of hearing what I said! The look in the eyes of Jane White Peach Blossom was complicated again, and finally she opened her mouth slowly with a smile, "Do you remember the first time you knew Ziling Mo?"? At that time, you lost a bet with me, and then became the top card of Shilijin. She took a fancy to you at a glance and wrapped you up. She smiled faintly and interjected, "At that time, she didn't take a fancy to me, but doubted my identity." There is still a touch of nostalgia on her beautiful face. Puff! Jane Bai smiled low and opened her mouth jokingly. "So that's it. I said why she didn't take a fancy to him after such a long friendship with Wei Tan, but took a fancy to you at a glance." The speaker had no intention of listening, and his smiling expression was slightly stagnant. Before Jane Bai saw it, he instantly recovered as usual. He spoke in a low voice, but his voice was full of pride. "Ah Mo doesn't like him." He, of course, is Bai Weitan. Jane Bai did not care, but echoed with a smile, "Right, right, right, no one has taken a fancy to the purple feather ink, and you have a discerning eye." Yi Che hooked his lips and opened his mouth with a bit of childishness, "just like me." When he said this, his voice was very pleasant. And, only like him! Jane Bai took one look at him, shook his head helplessly and smiled, "in fact, I never knew how you and Ziling Mo came together?" This matter has troubled him for more than ten years. He had always thought that Ziling Mo would come together with Wei Tan, but there was such a big turning point. He had only been away for a month, and when he reappeared, the two of them were together. At that time, he felt that the whole world was mysterious. Obviously, when he left, Ziling Mo and Yi Che still had a face, not a nose, not a nose, and wished they could strangle each other. Yi Che hooked his lips with a faint smile, but the evil charm brought some memories and nostalgia with his soft eyes, and finally smiled, "I won't tell you." It's a secret between him and Amo. Jane White: "… …" Who can tell him that such a childish man in red in front of him is really the master of Qingming Dwelling he knows?! It can't be someone else's impersonation! "Well, go on!" Looked at the stunned Jane Bai, also Che continued to open his mouth, with a faint urge in his eyes. Jane White: "… …" After being stupefied for a while, he could only open his mouth helplessly, but with a touch of intimacy in his eyes, "I heard that you were almost whored by Ziling Mo?" Also clear white as jade face slightly a red, silent for a long time, before nodding, "at that time she was Ziwu calculated in the medicine." "Oh!" Jane Bai deliberately lengthened her voice for a few minutes, pretending to be thoughtful, and looked at Yiche,stainless steel toilet, "So your role at that time was the antidote!" He also took a cold look at the other party, but did not refute it, because of the fact. As though Seem Should That's it. He seems to be the antidote.