Break the sky

"He is indeed a man who has failed several times in the task of capturing my soul temple, and he does have some skills."


"He is indeed a man who has failed several times in the task of capturing my soul temple, and he does have some skills." In the distant sky, Da Tianzun looked at Xiao Yan with a touch of dignity: "In less than a year, you have been promoted from one star to two stars. At such a speed, even the old man has to admire it. If such a talented person can take refuge in my soul temple, your status will not be inferior to the old man." Hearing the words of Datianzun, Xiao Yan immediately gave a strange smile, he and the soul temple are almost immortal situation, now this old guy actually want to win him over? Xiao Yan's strange look fell into Da Tianzun's eyes, which also made him feel a little angry. At that moment, he said with a sneer, "I don't appreciate it. In the future, you will understand how strong my soul clan is on this continent. People like you are just like ants. It's easy for my soul clan to obliterate you!" "Is it?" Xiao Yan is noncommittal, the corner of the mouth lifts a touch of light radian, way: "But before this still gives you to solve first..." "With you?" Datianzun's mouth sent out a strange smile like a night owl. As soon as he grasped the ruins below with his palm, the huge bone knife flew out and suspended in front of him. As soon as his body moved, he stood directly on the bone knife. Immediately, the bone knife fluctuated one by one. Datianzun's body was so slowly integrated into the bone knife. Human knife fusion. Seeing this scene, Xiao Yan's eyebrows could not help picking. Xiao Yan, I have been practicing penance for hundreds of years, and I just let my body merge with the bone emperor's knife. Today is my first time to fight against the enemy, so I took you to sacrifice the knife! Huge bone emperor knife hanging across the void, above the blade, emerged the face of Datianzun, he looked at Xiao Yan with a strange smile, Senbai knife body,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, slowly spread out countless fine blood stains, like human blood vessels, dense. "Whew!" As soon as the voice of Datianzun fell, the bone emperor's knife shook and disappeared in an instant. What a fast speed! When the bone emperor knife disappeared, Xiao Yan's heart suddenly filled with a touch of awe-inspiring, almost a conditioned reflex body retreat, and in the moment of its retreat, the space in front of a swing, Jinli's blade is fiercely split, the blade,Flush Retrofit Kit, from Xiao Yan's head, only half a foot! "Hey, it's not slow to react!" A knife fell through, the bone emperor knife once again spread a strange laugh, the blade shook, a strange sound of the knife suddenly sounded, countless knife shadows flashed out, directly wrapped Xiao Yan's whole body space in an instant, sharp knife awn pointed to Xiao Yan's whole body vital point. Liuhe swimming ruler! In the face of the bone emperor knife that step by step fierce attack, Xiao Yan is also dignified, in the hands of a grip, for a long time not used Xuanzhong ruler is in the hands, ruler body a shock, dense ruler shadow is to form a defensive net, its body is wrapped up. Jingle, jingle! Countless sharp knife shadows poured down on the ruler shadow like a rainstorm, and sparks burst out immediately. Every time the ruler shadow collided with the knife shadow, the surrounding space would burst into a dark crack. Hiss, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, hiss, hiss! In the face of Xiao Yan's defense like a tortoise shell, the attack frequency of the bone emperor's knife is soaring crazily again, the extremely terrible attack speed, so that Xiao Yan's eyes are passing through a touch of dignity, just by virtue of this hand, this Datianzun is enough to fight with the strong people who have reached the late stage of the two-star Dou Sheng, and even if the demon wants to win him, it is difficult. Sure enough, it's quite weird. "Bang!" Xiao Yan condensed his mind to build a defense, but for a moment, his heart was filled with a crisis, and his head was fiercely biased! "Bang." At the moment when Xiao Yan's head deviated, the ruler shadow that filled the whole body was suddenly torn by a dazzling knife light, a sharp cold awn, directly and heavily chopped on Xiao Yan's shoulder, at the moment when it touched the surface of Xiao Yan's body, the latter burst into a burst of light, which slightly blocked the sharp knife awn, but then the light was torn by the knife awn. The bone emperor knife was unceremoniously cut on Xiao Yan's shoulder. Dang! In the moment of cutting, sparks burst, but there was no blood flowing out, faintly, there were a few broken scales shooting out, apparently Xiao Yan summoned the Dragon Phoenix armor hidden under the skin at a critical moment. Ding! Was cut by the bone emperor knife, Xiao Yan hand heavy ruler fiercely a wave, mercilessly hit on the body of the bone emperor knife, hit it fly away, slanted his head looking at the shoulder of a faint blood stain, complexion is slightly gloomy, so many years, this is the first time he was forced to break through the defense when he used Liuhe swimming ruler, it can be seen that after the combination of man and knife, The attack speed of the Great Heaven Zun is so fast that it is terrible. What a hard body. The body of Da Tianzun appeared again on the sword that had been smashed and opened. He looked at Xiao Yan with a strange smile and said, "Your attack speed is too slow. You can't keep up with me after the combination of man and sword.." Xiao Yan's face was expressionless, nodding slightly, and he did not deny the intrepidity of this great God. With his hand alone, he was able to challenge the strong man in the later period of the two-star Dou Sheng. This alone was enough to make him proud. Whew.. A long breath, slowly spit out from Xiao Yan's mouth, his face gradually dignified, hands together, and then quickly changed out of a complicated and complex handprint, and with the change of his handprint, Xiao Yan's soul power between the eyebrows, is also suddenly broken out of the body, into a huge shadow, shrouded in his body. You are faster, I am faster than you! Handprint slowly solidified, Xiao Yan face is also set off a sneer: "The wrath of the afterlife!" " "哞 ! " Accompanied by Xiao Yan mind a move, the huge shadow is also slowly open mouth, a terrible soul impact, like a storm, suddenly swept out! "Bang!" This terrible sound wave soul impact spread and opened, in this space, every 70% of the soul temple strong, the body is instantly stiff, immediately bang, the body is into nothingness,push button toilet flush valve, their soul and body, under this soul impact, into nothingness.. "铛 ! " 。

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