Heluo Jingjiao Version: Tiancan Potato

This feather is a rare treasure in the Tianpeng clan. It is made from the golden feather of the golden-winged ROC.


This feather is a rare treasure in the Tianpeng clan. It is made from the golden feather of the golden-winged ROC. Although its attack power is not particularly strong, its powerful protective power is comparable to that of a unique artifact. Obviously, this Zong Teng is also quite well prepared in order to break through the refining tower. It seems that the boy has been left far behind. Before moving forward, Zong Teng took an indifferent look at the rear, until now, he has not sensed the spiritual fluctuations of the herdsman dust, apparently, the latter has not even broken through the second layer. This made Zong Teng's mouth lift a sarcastic smile, this Mu Chen is also interesting, before I do not know what means to use, unexpectedly can break into the second layer before them, but unfortunately, so soon was beaten back to its original shape. Bring disgrace on oneself. As for the practice of Mu Chen, Zong Teng only gave such an evaluation in his heart. If the boy was safely behind him, perhaps no one would pay attention to him, but he had to be wishful thinking to win the first place. So now the higher he climbed, the harder he fell, and the nine sparrows were all going to be laughed at. But Mo Feng is a difficult character. Zong Teng glanced at the distance, only to see there is a red burning, in the red, the figure of Mo Feng looming, whenever the thunder split in the past, although Zong Teng's body will be forced to stop, but the power of the thunder will be absorbed by the red, making it difficult to cause too much obstruction to Mo Feng. Although before did not fight with Mo Feng, but Zong Teng is able to perceive the danger of this person is not inferior to the color nine,Manual Flush Valve, if really want to fight, I think there will be some trouble. The rest of them should be able to reach the deepest part of the third layer, but when they get there, it should be the limit. Thunder pierced the world, and Zong Teng's eyes flickered slightly. Because according to the information he learned, it should not be difficult to get through the first three floors of the tower as long as they are well prepared, but once they reach the fourth floor, the elimination rate will become a little terrible. This time can enter the fourth layer of people, I am afraid only half, but Zong Teng is not worried about this,stainless steel shower tray, with his strength, although to compete for the first place, perhaps with Han Shan, Mo Feng and others have a fierce battle, but to ensure that half of the head quota, he has absolute confidence. After breaking into the fourth floor, let's see who can have the last laugh. I, Tianpeng Clan, am not afraid of any of your challenges! Zong Teng took a look at the other direction of those twinkling light figure, eyes deep across a touch of cold light, immediately no longer think, body speed suddenly accelerated, the golden feathers in front of him, is also a brush of golden light, the overwhelming fall of the thunder, constantly away. "In the near future, Zong Teng and others should be able to reach the deepest part of the third floor. It is said that this will be a key point in the refining tower. Nearly half of the people will be eliminated here." Outside the refining tower, many people also looked at the light curtain on the third floor, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, and then talked about it one after another. The shepherd dust hasn't moved yet. If he still doesn't get to the third level after the other nine people are deep in the third level, then he will be eliminated directly. Someone took a regretful look at the point of light that still stayed on the second floor, and perhaps before long, the shepherd dust would be kicked out of the refining tower because of its elimination. On the other side, that Liu Qing saw this scene, the heart is also a big feeling of relief, this guy did not know the height of heaven, before the rush so high, but now fall down, not only their own loss of face, but also will make the nine sparrow clan is also a big loss of face. Liu Qing turned his head and looked at Jiuyou, only to see that although the latter's pretty face was still calm, the gradually clenched jade hand obviously revealed the worries in his heart. When this guy is completely eliminated, I'll see what face you can have! Liu Qing sneers in the heart, although the next will inevitably eliminate nearly half of the people, but similar to the herdsman dust even the third layer has not yet entered is eliminated, obviously or the first. On the side of Jiuyou, Mo Ling's little face was full of worry, but she understood that once Mu Chen was eliminated like this, then they would not know what kind of ridicule they would receive from the Jiuyou Sparrow Clan. In this Hui nationality, the old guys who wanted to save face were all mad. "Sister Jiu You." Nine you did not pay attention, her eyes, tightly staring at the second layer of lonely points of light, even at this time, she still does not believe that the dust will stop in the second layer. Uh And in the nine you gaze, suddenly, her pupils shrink, because in this moment, she noticed that a point of light, seems to be quietly flashing up. In the endless frozen earth full of cold wind and terrible cold current, on a solitary peak, the thin figure still sits quietly like a rock. Sniff. The wind, like a sharp blade, swept over the body of the herdsman, but unexpectedly, it did not easily tear open the ferocious wounds, but the flesh rolled up a little, and then recovered quickly under the faint golden light. At this time, if you look carefully at the body of the shepherd dust, you will find that under his skin, it seems that there is a layer of light blue luster flowing, that luster permeates the extremely cold gas, if this extremely cold is common, it is enough to turn a six-grade supreme body into a frozen stone in an instant, but at this time flowing in the body of the shepherd dust, it seems to be exuding vitality, a powerful force. Slowly penetrate into the flesh and blood. On Muchen's face, the blue cold began to melt at this time, and at the moment when the cold completely disappeared, his closed eyes suddenly opened at this time. In the black eyes, there was a blue cold condensation, and the air in front of him, under the gaze of his eyes, clicked into ice, and a line like an ice crystal flashed away from his pupil. Whew. A group of blue cold, along the throat of the dust spit out, the cold rolled away,Concealed Flush Valve, the original fierce wind swept from all directions, in a touch of this cold, was directly frozen up. cnkexin.com