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The fist waved in the past, a wisp of energy sent out, the shock wave of small animals are flying out! The swordsmanship of the other four men should not be underestimated.


The fist waved in the past, a wisp of energy sent out, the shock wave of small animals are flying out! The swordsmanship of the other four men should not be underestimated. The sword was so fierce that the animals were swept to the ground by the sword before they came into contact with the sword, and they could no longer get up. Ruyu fists and observes the surroundings to see the strength of these aristocratic children, and the aristocratic children also secretly observe Ouyang Ruyu to see what this barbarian is capable of. In this observation, the conclusions drawn by both sides are different and fruitful. As soon as Ruyu waved back an animal that was close to her, she stopped her fists and shouted, "More and more animals are coming in, and they are getting bigger and bigger. It's no good for us to drag them down!" "What should I do?" Liu Chuyao offered a magic weapon in her hand, which was a protective bronze mirror, hanging on her head, and occasionally animals perched on it, all blocked by the golden light of the bronze mirror. With the protection of the bronze mirror, she can hold the sword in her hand and kill the enemy wholeheartedly. Withdraw! It's better to rush out than to be trapped in a cave and be caught by a man. By the way, we can see what happened, what drove these animals, where they went, and how they hit us! "No, I won't go out. A man should fight bravely and meet the enemy!" "Stupid, how do you know that the animals outside are not as many as those inside? If there is a big boss behind the control, do you have a sense of achievement in killing or killing the big boss?" "This.." "Quick, I'll blast out a way,Nail machine manufacturer, and you go out with me!" With a loud shout, Ruyu played the whole set of white crane boxing in her hands, and finally summoned the virtual shadow of the white crane. Unlike the previous virtual shadow of the white crane, this virtual shadow is lighter and more agile, but also bigger and stronger. As soon as the white crane squeaked, the animals retreated wherever it passed. It turned around and emptied the animals attracted around it. Suddenly, the cave was empty, and everyone looked at her with some surprise. He was able to comprehend the true meaning of martial arts,Nail production machine, exert all the power of martial arts, and summon the spirit of martial arts. Liu Chuyao murmured. Ouyang Ruyu immediately ran forward, ran for a while suddenly, turned his head and looked at them, "What are you waiting for? Why don't you run quickly?" "Oh, run, run." A group of people rushed out of the cave and found that the outside was not full of small animals, this group of small animals came from a southeast. There must be a source that drives the animals. Go and see. Ruyudao. Others hurriedly followed, all the way to the southeast, at the same time, many places in the misty forest appeared such a scene. In the analysis and observation room, the screen is full of the reaction of practitioners to this situation. Some retreated and fled, while others, like Ruyu, faced difficulties and investigated the case from the source. A man dressed in white, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, with a sword in his hand, waved back the animals with an expressionless face. One man, one sword, was worth thousands of troops. Other fellow practitioners can only be reduced to asylum recipients under his heroic posture, and occasionally their performance is not as good as one tenth of that of the man in white. A man dressed in black, with his hair straight, looked hot-tempered, dressed in a fashion brand, and fought with the group of animals with a free and uninhibited movement. He rushes into the lair alone and moves with ease in the dense animals. His dodging steps are very good, and his posture has entered the subtle realm. With the help of spiritual knowledge, he can play a miraculous role. A man in black clothes hides among his companions. His force is not the best, but he has unparalleled intelligence and can always lead people to break the game at the critical moment. There is also a man, fighting alone, no companions, no team, a person rushed into the animal to kill a happy! The clothes on his body can not distinguish the original color, was stained with a piece of blood red, only a little white awn between the eyebrows is particularly noticeable. Everyone is struggling, and the forms of difficulties are different, but the hardships are generally the same. Ouyang Ruyu, under the cover of several other people, rushed into the dangerous animal nest, and the shadow of the white crane rose again, opening a gap for her and clearing an open space. She looked inside and saw a purple flower standing in the middle of the nest! This purple light is a bit like the purple light in the eyes of these animals, which attack them madly, even if they break their legs and other limbs, their mouths will still bite, completely beyond the scope of normal life. Like a puppet being manipulated, he is not afraid of life and death, not afraid of difficulties, and in order to complete the task, he goes to the dark one by one. The purple light on this flower is exactly the same as the purple light in the eyes of animals. Is this the culprit of manipulating animals? Ruyu thought and decided to pick the flower. The shadow of the white crane had already collapsed, and the dense animals surrounded her. Ruyu looked around and put her eyes on the top of her head. There are no flying animals here, but they can pass overhead! Ruyu blasted a circle to the ground, using the impact to make her body float, which she played perfectly and could not go wrong. In a flash, she jumped to the place where the purple flower was and grabbed it without hesitation. Ah, ah, ah- "" A shrill scream came from her mind, and if Yu let go of her hand, the scream disappeared in an instant. Is it a spiritual attack? She frowned, her hand touched the flower again, and another shrill cry came. Ruyu gritted her teeth, grabbed the flower hard, and finally pulled it out with a roar! When the situation was critical, she took out the Decepticon Sword and swept the besieged animals, then quickly retreated. When the others saw her coming out, they also protected her and retreated together,iron nail machine, without continuing to fight. Everyone saw that Ruyu's face was not right and worried about her safety. Taking Ruyu in the opposite direction, where there was no animal intrusion, Ruyu also opened her eyes properly. Yin . Make a sound : "It's killing me." "There's something in the nest. You don't look right." Liu Chuyao asked worriedly. I took this out of the nest. Ruyu took out the purple flower from her bosom.